Computer Magazines Free

Computer magazines come in all stripes and colors. Some are written for IT professionals, others for gamers and finally others for the regular computer user who want to get some education about what is on the market, what are best buys and how to protect themselves and their computer equipment.

Here is a lit of 10 magazines that you should find useful. Each comes with a short description and a link to the site. Check them out. Start reading. If an articles seems a bit over your head, know that with a bit more experience reading these computer magazines, it will become easier and easier to understand.

NOTE: If there is a publication that YOU think deserves to be on this list, there is a form at the end where you can send the url and a brief description. But it has to be a FREE, online magazine...

List of magazines:

  1. Computer shopper is just what it says it is, a place to find recommendations and reviews for all things computer...before you buy,
  2. Computer user is the place to go if you want to upgrade your knowledge and understanding. One Problem: loud pop-up ads...just click them off. Go to: Computer User another of the online Computer Magazines
  3. Computer world is a magazine for Internet professionals but one that most users can enjoy. Go to Computer world
  4. All things MAC at MAC LIfe
  5. Another Mac magazine is Mac World
  6. And let's get the third Creative MAC
  7. PC Magazine One of the most popular magazines - very readable
  8. PC World
  9. Wired

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