Huntington's Disease

Huntington’s-disease is a progressive brain disorder that is caused by a single defective gene on chromosome 4. This defective gene causes abnormalities in a brain protein and Huntington's disease is the result.  This disease is named after George Huntington, who was the physician who first described the condition in the late 1800's.

Symptoms of Huntington's disease

The symptoms of this disease are involuntary movements, irritability, depression and other mood changes  and a severe decline in thinking and reasoning skills. What is most difficult about the disease is that it is progressive so a person who is diagnosed knows that things 'can only get worse'.  

The symptoms of Huntington's usually develop in midlife ie., between ages 30 and 50, but sometimes they appear as early  as age 2 or as late as age 80. The most common, visible symptom of Huntington's disease is uncontrollable  movement of arms, legs, head, face and upper body. Sometimes these movements appear to be mere tics but they become more and more pronounced as the illness progresses.  Once begun there is no 'turning back'.

Huntington's disease also causes some decline  in thinking and reasoning.  Memory, concentration, the ability to plan and organize as well as one' judgement can be affected. 

If you would like to read about Huntington's disease in depth, Amazon has several books on the topic. Go to Huntington's disease books

Huntington's  is a difficult condition not only for the person who has it but also those who surround the patient as well as any caregivers.   

One of the best web sites about the condition is found at Huntington's disease          AND  If you or someone you know has this disease and you could offer suggestions for persons with Huntington's or for caregivers, please write them.  Any and all information/suggestions are welcome.

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