Husbands retirement : How to cope

Husbands retirement. Coping with your Husband's Retirment by Roslyn Friedman and Annette Nussbaum is a book for all women whose husband's are about to retire ...or those already retired.

So many women are surprised by how difficult things can get when their husbands leave full time work. More than one woman has confessed, "that there has not been a murder here is a miracle...really".

Friedman and Nussbaum know all about it AND they offer practical tips that can be used either before the Big Event to head off difficulties or things that can be tried any time in the first few years.

Chapters in this book include:

  1. The Retirement Years: Fantasy vs Reality
  2. Doing things Separately - The need to be APART
  3. Hitting the Road
  4. She works, he doesn't
  5. Friction over finances
  6. Making the Big Move
  7. Staying healthy
  8. Here's to Ladies who Lunch
  9. Happily Ever after
  10. Workbook for Retirement

This is an inexpensive book....but it should be worth its weight in gold. If you are anticipating your Husband's retirement, now is the best time to buy it BUT if the event is already in progress, there is even more reason to read Coping With Your Husbands Retirement

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