Jo Ann Rhodus from Holden, LA


There was so much sadness that New Years Day when you got sick and God took you away.

We all were shocked and oh, so full of grief that God had taken you, was far beyond our belief.

We know you didn't choose to go and leave us all alone God decided you had done enough and it was time to call you home.

He was right beside us; He shared our grief and pain We know that God cried with us, 'cause when you died, it rained.

Many times we all will miss you. Many times we all will cry. If love alone could have saved you Dad, you never would have died.

Your love for us was genuine, a love so rare, so deep. You're sadly missed by each of us now that you've gone to sleep.

But you're always with us Daddy. Your love lives in our hearts and we all expect to see you again where we'll never be apart.

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