Kirtan Kryia Meditation

Kirtan Kryia Meditation has been shown to help patients with Mild Cognitive impairment and early stage Alzheimer's disease. The study was done at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006. As a result of this study, this ancient meditative practice is being use at some Alzheimer's care giver groups. If you want to read more about the study go to Brain effects of Kirtan Kriya Meditation

If, you want to learn how to DO Kirtan Kryia Meditation, you will find step by step instructions below.

  • First, you will find a link to a Youtube video featuring Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. teaching Kirtan Kryia Meditation. His video gives lots of background information about this form of meditation AND step by step instructions that you can follow and use for practice
  • After you have watched the video and practiced long enough so you can do the meditation on your own, do come back to this web site because there is an important image that you need to incorporate into your meditation if you are using this for brain improvement.

Here is the link to the YouTube video. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. who was part of the University of Pennsylvanion is the person speaking in the video. Kirtan Kryia Meditation

Now to learn the last part of your practice You need to include this imagery if you are using this meditation for brain improvement.

1. Put your index finger at the top of your head...the part called the crown. Now put another finger between your two eyes...the point that is sometimes called the Third Eye. Remember those two spots.

2 Now imagine the Sound SA coming in at the crown of your head and then traveling down until it is opposite your 'third eye' and it makes a 90 degree turn and comes out the third eye point.

It is sort of like a large L - It comes in at the crown and then makes a right angle out at the point between your eyes.

3. As you chant each sound Sa, Ta, Na, Ma - see each of them coming in at the crown,travel down til opposite your 'third eye' make a 90 degree angle turn and exit at the point between your eyes.

When I tried to visualize the sounds coming in and out of my head, it took me awhile before I could do it. What helped me was that I drew a picture of a head and the L line and looked at it as I chanted the sounds in and out of my own head. After awhile I could do the whole thing without the picture in front of me.

Someone else drew 4 heads...with the L shape in each and the words Sa above to the first, Ta above the next etc. and he looked at that as he chanted - until he was able to add the visualization on his own.

Another way to get this is to touch your head in the right spots for the sound to come in and then exit.

You may find another method. Or maybe you will not need a 'helping method' at all - you will be able to add the visualization to your chanting right away. But do whatever it takes to learn this...or to teach it if you are helping someone who already has mild cognitive impairment.

Once you have the chant and the visualization coordinated, you are all set and you can practice Kirtan Kryia Meditation every day for 12 minutes....and you will find your brain beginning to regenerating itself.

Much luck to you. If you practice this meditation for a month or more and want to let me know of your experience, do use the form below. If you write, do let me know if you do NOT want me to share your response.


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