Money, Jobs, Grants for Seniors

Here are the basics you need to know if you wish to live worry free about finances as you age. As  this 21st century unfolds, all too many of us are finding it a challenge to have enough money to live the lifestyle we dreamed of for our retirement.

Prices keep going up. And for many of us, our incomes are not  rising as fast as those prices.  Some have learned the hard way that employers prefer younger workers.   'Age discrimination' may be a 'No-No' but  there are all sorts of ways around that.

Then, too, some of us discover the we just like work. We really do. A job is a way to structure our day. And most jobs mean interacting with people: co-workers and/or customers. So a few months after retirement, so of us find we really miss our jobs....even jobs we used to complain about.

Money, Jobs, Grants for Seniors. 

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