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My SBI - Site Build it Sometimes people ask me how I, a 77+ retiree, wound up owning an income producing web site. And when I tell them that I have 2 other web sites, they are even more surprised.

MY SBI story is not so different from many others who have created solid web businesses with SBI. In the SBI Forums I have met students putting themselves through college, adults needing an income after being laid off, women wanting to work from home, retirees searching for something new and interesting that could also supplement their monthly checks.

For me, it all started when I was close to retirement and I realized two things:

  • I wanted to remain active in retirement. Because I had residual problems from an auto accident I needed something that did not involve a lot of walking or driving.
  • Because of the accident I was retiring sooner than I anticipated. I needed to be sure I had enough money for retirement. ( I remembered some older friends when inflation was kicked up in the United States. They were on fixed incomes and they slowly slipped down the economic ladder.) A hard thing at in old age. I did not want that to happen to me.

I investigated a lot of companies. I spent and lost money chasing my dream. Then one day I read about Ken Envoy founder of SBI. I investigated. Read a lot. Result I decided to try it. With the money back guarantee, what could I lose? The rest is history. ...

MY SBI story 

I did not rush into things. After I viewed Solo Build It videos I went to Ken's site.

It all made sense but what REALLY convinced me to try Solo Build It was Ken's unconditional 'money back guarantee'. Not many web companies offer that. I figured 'what can I lose?' and in any case I might learn a few things.

"Try it", Ken says, "and if it is not for you, I will refund ALL your money. Use the MY Solo Build It trial offer."

After using the Solo Build It BRAINSTORMER and MONETIZE IT programs to research ideas, I got my first domain (Solo Build It pays for this), adopted one of their templates (you can upload your own design if you prefer), built my first 'bare bones' site.

I added a few pages each week. Slowly I began to get traffic. As the months went by, my ranking in the search engines began to improve. (That first web site,, now has over 240 pages and many show up on page 1 of search engine returns!) AND over 12,000 people from around the globe subscribe to my monthly newsletter.)

But Ken is right. He uses the turtle for our model....slow but sure. Success did not happen overnight. It took a few months for my traffic to increase and for the site to begin to earn money. But what is great is that now, a few years later, it brings income almost automatically. (I even had income even when I was hospitalized last year.)

And I feel good about the fact that I offer information people want and need. For me this is a way to provide a service in my retirement. I enjoy doing research! (I know other people have sites about their hobbies or things that do not require research. But I am an academic and doing research is one of my joys.)

I have learned soooooo much in the process of using MY Solo Build It. And I have made some great online contacts through the FORUM section. SBIers are a great group. People are even willing to review my sites and make suggestions.

So Solo Build It has turned out to be a great retirement activity. It provides me with reliable income AND it allows me to provide a service - information - to those wanting or needing it. My Solo Build It is giving me purposeful work in areas I enjoy. I love it.... as do college students earning their tuition with Solo Build It and mid-career workers who now do not need to worry about the job market.

To give it a trial run, use this banner link. You can even order it there if you want.


Oh and if you sign up let me know ...and I am glad to offer guidance, answer questions during your first few weeks if you want.

Good luck


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