Retirement gifts for men

Retirement gifts for men Sometimes it can seem difficult to choose a good gift for a man who is about to retire. But it does not have to be if you keep a few thoughts things in mind.

  1. If you can build on a current interest, your gift is sure to please. Is there a sport that he likes? Something he plays? Of course golf comes to mind but not every man is a golfer and not every man wants to take up the sport. There is tennis, cycling or even a pass for the local gym. (The latter may well be one of the best gifts you could offer - a new gym membership can really ease one into the transition of retirement. A sports oriented vacation is often a welcome gift. Travel agents often have special packages for off season sports - see winter baseball, training camp for football or other sport. For an ardent team enthusiast this can be a great gift since it provides time away so he is not missing the old routine. Many men like gadgets. They enjoy computer games and interactive sports programs are not only fun but they insure that Mr. Retiree will be up, moving and exercising. Take a look at Kinnect (The New Xbox

 or a Wii Sport package. Click on: Wii by Nintendo

Someone with a Mr.Fixit approach to life would probably appreciate gift cards for Home Depot or a subscription to a shop magazine or tuition voucher for a local class.

  • Offering an opportunity to develop a new interest is a bit trickier ...but really worthwhile. Unless retirees do develop new interests, their retirement years can become deadly. So here is another direction when considering Retirement gifts for men. One of the best is Get Kindle - for Retirment
  • Trains. Yes, model railroads. Most men had a real love of Lionel trains, Hess or Tonka dump trucks. Trains are often the best choice - unless you know he has been collecting or longing for one of the others.
  • Building supplies{ Adult erector sets, robot building and even model airplanes can be good choices. Consider yourself fortunate if you have any inkling of a preference for one of these. The best way to handle this is to get something fairly small BUT include a gift certificate so your retiree can go and find what he prefers. He is likely to get in discussion with the sales persons and it will turn into a fun afternoon ....that he is likely to repeat soon enough.
  • Gift certificates for community based courses - or an online program (Language, Investing, Rocketry) are often safe bets as Retirment gifts for men
  • Gift certificates to a sports store, electronics mall, specialty cheese shop or even to a local specialty market are always safe bets.
  • Amazon has hundreds of special Retirement gifts for men
  • But remember - the Best Retirement gifts for men are ones they will use. To give NASCAR tickets to an some one who loves to read would be like giving art classes to a duck hunter.

    Always remember that retirement, at least in its early stages, is a time of transition. A man does not want to completely lose his old identity, which was often determined by work, and yet he wants or needs to branch out in new directions. The Best retirement gifts allow men to do that.

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