Retirement jobs

Retirement jobs Many seniors are finding that they need income after retirement. Others find that they just like the structure and productivity of work.

If you find that you want to look for a job a few months or years after retirement, the information on this page should be useful.

Finding a job is not always easy. When times are tough and the economy is shedding jobs you may be competing for a job with workers who are much younger than you are. But do not let that scare you off. When times are tough, companies still need to get work done. They may be hesitant to add full time jobs until an economic rebound has become solid but they are often willing to add a part time or temporary worker. That worker can be you.

There are some companies that have found 'older workers' to be good hires. because: Older workers:

  • Usually have a solid work ethic
  • Have 'know how" and need less training and if they do need some updating or training, older workers are usually ready and willing to learn.
  • Have good social skills. They can be good for morale in the business AND they know how to treat customers so they leave smiling.

For these and other reasons, there are a number of companies that go out of their way to hire experienced (older) workers. They are a good choice for those looking for Retirement jobs. ( You will find a list of some of those companies at the end of this page.)

New Resume

Your Resume. If you going job hunting - even for a part time, you want to bring your resume up to date and you want to revise it so it is targeted towards the job you want. A good resume is important for any job search. Do not 'blow it off' just because you are looking for part time work.

Your resume needs to be geared toward the company and job you are seeking. If you have worked in sales for years but want to apply for a job where your knowledge of tools and home repair are important, you need to get those skills into your revised resume.

You need to make a new job direction look credible. You need to be able to recast your old work experience so it shows some relevance to this new job.

For example. If you are apply for a store sales position, you need to highlight any 'people skills' you gained in your other jobs. Taking time rewriting your resume can make or break your application. It is worth getting some advice on this important task.

There are many Resume writing companies. You can even find a Free Resume Builders on line. Remember, you need to gear your resume for the company and job you seek....

Best companies for senior citizen jobs

Here are some of the better corporations known for hiring those over age 50:

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