Retirement sentiments

Retirement sentiments can be expressions said by someone to the retiree or they can be words and phrases said by the retiree to those wishing them well.

Let's begin with things that you might say to the person who is retiring:

1. It is very important to acknowledge that this person has given Time and Energy to the company. At the end of a career, everyone wants to know that someone noticed their efforts - no matter how small. Things such as

  • You have given so much of your time and energy to this company/school/organization. Thank you for that.
  • Thank you for all the years and the energy that you have devoted to this company/school/organization. I/we appreciate it.
  • Your work over these many years has done much to keep us in business. Thank you.
will go along way to meet that need. And such acknowledgments will be remembered long after the party activities fade from mind.

2. It helps to recall particularly happy or warm memories so saying things like

  • I will never forget the day that you (or we)......
  • Name, you have given so much to us. I remember with great warmth how you....
  • Years from now, I will still remember when you.....
  • Recalling such 'good memories' at a time of departure is of real help to a retiree since it keeps the 'good and worthwhile times' uppermost in his/her minds.
  • Another helpful thing would be to try to characterize the person's place in the work group. Examples: I/we will always remember your ....( generosity, humor, getting your job done, times at the water cooler, how you came through when...,) the way you .....

If this worker is someone who used to bother you, you can acknowledge that but end with a positive note. Example: We did not always see eye to eye, but I shall always appreciate your willingness to speak your mind ...

It is not difficult to come up with your own retirement sentiments. Just think about what YOU would like to hear from others when you leave the company. Then adjust it to the person in front of you. Now let's consider what the retiree might say:

Of course there is THANKS.

And a safe bet is I will never forget this group of people. (and that can cover it whether you will not forget them because it was so great knowing them...or...if was such a terrible experience.)

You may want to share something of what you plan to do...if you wish. Or just leave it at "Thanks for the memories."

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