Senior Citizen Cell Phone

Senior Citizen Cell Phone If you are a senior, you have probably thought of getting a cell phone. I know that I have. Your children, grandchildren and maybe even your friends have said, "Why don't you have a cell phone?".

And maybe like me, you have thought: They look complicated. I really do not want to walk along texting, reading and sending email, watching YouTube or anything else. It is nice to have those features but I do not want to be paying for them if I do not use them.

Yes, Cell phone expense is a concern. Most seniors want a phone for occasional use or some of us only want a cell phone for emergencies. We want something to take with us when we travel. We do not plan to be walking along the street 'chatting' with friends. So what are our choices?

You may have seen the ads for the Jitterbug. It is supposed to be 'just for seniors' but when I read the fine print, I saw that except for a few phone numbers I could program into the phone, I would have to go through an operator for all my other calls. That is inconvenient. It also will take time and uses up minutes. And, frankly I find their ads a bit patronizing.

But what is a good alternative? We do not need too many 'gizmos' and yes, cost is a factor. But it would be nice to have the convenience of being able to phone ahead when traveling to say, "I may be a few minutes late." and many of my friends say that their cell phone gives them a real sense of security - not just when they are traveling. Some sleep with the phone next to the bed. Others walk around with it in a pocket - even at home or out in the garden.

Better Senior citizen cell phone:

Tracfone Wireless For Less than $9 a Month

More and more of my friends are getting Tracfones. Whenever I mention getting a cell phone, they begin to 'wax eloquent' about their new Tracfone and how it is the best phone for seniors.

They tell me that:

  • The Tracfone is comfortable to hold. Its numbers are easy to read
  • Others say they chose this phone because they really like NOT having a monthly contract.

With a Tracfone you pay for the minutes you use.

  • It offers a sense of safety since you can always dial 911 in an emergency - even if you have run out of minutes
  • Triple Minutes for Life with the Motorola EX124G!
  • And one of my friends who is NOT at all technically oriented raves about their customer support.
  • So if you are looking for a cell phone, do consider getting one that is a convenient, easy to use, less expensive Senior Citizen Cell Phone.

    AND you can come back here to refill your minutes any time:

    Click here to refill your Senior Citizen Cell Phone Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Airtime

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