Senior citizen driving Tips

Senior citizen driving Seniors can drive. Many are good drivers. They keep their liscences well into old age and have fewer accidents that many teens. Other seniors need to stop driving. They are a danger to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel. And those who love them will make is possible for them to 'give up the keys' and still have Quality of Life.

Quality of life is important. Every one, no matter what their age, needs to be able to get 'out and about'. To take someone's keys or drivers license and NOT provide adequate means of transportation, is simply cruel - even when done with the best of intentions.

Here is a page that offers suggestions for those who need to give up their driving as they age. Click on Senior Transportation Options

Tips for Seniors who want to keep driving.

Senior citizen drivers who want to be able to 'keep the keys' and continue driving need to take an active part in their own 'driver fitness'. Here are some Senior citizen driving tips:

  1. Take a driver safety course. AARP offers a course designed especially for senior drivers and taught by senior drivers. Depending on your instructor, the course can be down right fun - filled with helpful anecdotes. And the instructors emphasize the situations that accident reports show are the most problem for older drivers and they offer practical suggestion of how to avoid or how to handle such situations. And many insurance companies give a discount on automobile insurance for the 3 years after you have taken this course. Check you local newspaper or click on the AARP link to find a course being given in your area. Senior Citizen Driving Course AARP If you do not want to go to a class, you can take the course online. Click here for the:   Online Driver Safety course
  2. Do flexibility moves every day. Many can be done while watching TV or waiting for the water to boil. Lack of flexibility is one of causes of accidents. You can become more limber. Click here for some simple Be more flexible with these simple moves
  3. Get your eyes checked once a year. Changes in vision can creep up on us. Such changes can be corrected. 'Corrected vision' is a Senior citizen driving necessity.
  4. Get your hearing checked at least every few years. Ask your physician if they provide this service. If s/he says no, ask if s/he knows of anyone who offers free hearing checks. Sometimes audiologists will advertise a free hearing clinic. If there is a a local health fair, attend. They often have hearing check ups. And if none of these work, do call your local office of the aging. Explain you are looking for free or very low cost hearing check for senior drivers.
  5. Keep the radio - especially 'talk radio' off when you are the driver. If you have a passenger, ask that conversation with you be held in check until you get where you are going. Senior citizen drivers can be easily distracted. You need to give your full attention to your driving. If need be provide a newspaper for your passenger! But do not chat.

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