Skin care older women

Skin care older women a topic that every woman wants to understand. As we age, our skin ages with us. And aging skin is most noticeable on the backs of our hands and on our face. Dry skin, fine wrinkles all become signs of aging.

However no woman is condemned to skin that looks prune like. Sophial Loren, one of the great beauties of this century still looked stunning appearing in public after she turned 70. Every woman would do herself a favor by reading her book about beauty. It offers practical, inexpensive suggestions about all aspect of beauty including skin care.

The book is out of print and rather hard to find but there are a few copies on Amazon. Just click on Women and beauty by Sophia Loren

But if you prefer to do your own experiments for skin care older women, you want to remember that moisturizing is a major ingredient for lovely skin at any age. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

But there is an even better approach to skin care older women

Japanese women have long been noted for their lovely skin. Smooth, flawless - so flawless as to make guessing a Japanese woman's age very difficult. There is a name in Japan for such beautiful skin. It is called TOKI.

Lane Labs, a company that manufactures and sells a number of products based on Japanese practice and research now offers a product called TOKI. It is a special form of collagen - one that you drink. TOKI nourishes the skin from the inside just as Japanese women have been doing for ages.

Toki is not something you rub on. Instead it is a product taken internally. Toki nourishes your skin from the inside. It delivers nutrients to your dermis. It prevents the breakdown and wrinkling that many women who do not know how to nourish their skin from the inside out come to expect as they age.

Lane Labs offers information on their web site. They include clinical research about the product. You can see the results in photos from the research.

Just go to their site and use the Browse by product links in the box on upper left. Click here to buy Toki 

Now I want to add that I have great respect Lane Labs. They were the first manufacturers of Advacal (AAACa), a calcium supplement created by Dr. Fujita, a Japanese researcher, whose research showed that AAACa could reverse bone loss in even the oldest. This special supplement is one of the few with documented research published in scientific journals showing its effectiveness.

I first learned of Lane Labs when I was doing research about this Advacal supplemeet for my other web site which offers ways to reverse bone loss for those with Osteopenia or Osteporosis. I was impressed with Lane Labs and their manufacturing cutting edge, science based supplements.

So when I began to get information about their products for skin care older women, I took it seriously. But do not take my word for it. Try Toki yourself

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