Wells Asphalt & Paving - Scam

Wells Asphalt & Paving of 49 South Ohioville Road, Clintondale, NY 12515is an out and out scam.  Be warned. They did a poor job both in sealing my driveway/road and in repairing cement steps.

Oh, the owner talks a good talk but the work is inadequate and despite many, many phone calls they 1) would not return m calls and 2) never fixed the work.

So what happened.....

I live on a private road in the Town of Newburgh. Like everyone living on private roads in this town we all need to pave and seal the road in front of our property as well as our own driveway.

I needed to reseal the roadway and I needed to have a repair (or replacement) of cement steps leading down to the driveway. I called Wells, who has prominent SIGN in our local ShopRite store and it was the company who paved my driveway and roadway when I had it done some years ago.

The business was now run by the Son... I said I wanted the driveway and road in front of the house sealed AND I wanted the cement steps leading from the house down to the driveway repaired.

He gave an estimate which seemed in the range I expected. So I said to do the job.  I asked that he give me a call the day before he would come because I had to let my neighbors know that the road would not be able to be used --and they would need to park their cars closer to the main road.

OK. He called. Said they would be there the next day. I let my neighbors know. They moved their cars. The next day Wells Asphalt and Paving came. The repaired the stairs and put sealer on the driveway and road. That was Friday....

The road never dried!

My neighbors had to walk in the grass alongside the road for a couple days. The sealer NEVER DRIED. They had company that weekend and complained that peoples' shoes got messed from the sealer.

I called Wells first thing Monday morning. They came and removed the sealer. In doing so they scrapped up dirt next to the road ways...so rain would puddle and eventually crack the asphalt. He said he wanted another $200 to bring in dirt!

But they never came back and sealed the asphalt...and the cement cracked!

They took the sealer off....but never came back to reseal the asphalt. AND by Spring the repairs they made on the stairs were undone. The stairs were cracked again and dangerous.

I called Orange Lake Construction about repairing the stairs - they were dangerous! Orange Lake Construction did the work and it has lasted. But the owner of told me that instead of taking out the old cement Well had only plastered a thin layer of cement on top of the cracked steps.  They did not chip out the cement so as to fix it right.  No wonder the Wells job did not last.

As far as I am concerned Wells Asphalt is a scam

I must have called the company 50 times.  (Beofre the job was done they would pick up on the 2nd ring. No one ever answered the phone after they did the work. No one ever returned my calls - even when I said there was a problem with the job.

Now maybe it is because I am older that they thought they would  take advantage of me.  But I am not stupid.  (I taught business ethics at a local college for many years!) And I am not about to let a company get away with 1) doing poor work 2) refusing to answer their phone after a job is done 3) take advantage of me...or any homeowner.

Wells Asphalt information

Leonard A Wells Wells Asphalt 649 South Ohioville Road
Clintondale, NY 12515 Phone: (845) 883-6035. 

Use them at your own risk!Maybe they only take advantage of Seniors. I do not know. What I know is:

  1. They did a poor job.
  2.  They never came back to finish the asphalt work finish  after they had to remove the  sealer that never dried
  3. The left me with steps that were  dangerous because the cement cracked and crumbled 
  4. They have been unwilling to answer my calls or messages left on their answering machine.
  5. They never came back to fix anything.
  6. And still they advertise.

I did find a company that took out the cement 'patch' and fixed the steps - Orange Lake Construction. And they did a good job.

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