A True Love Story

by Jenny Hides (69)
(South Africa)

A True Love Story
Dedicated to my beloved late husband Bill, who went home to glory 8 March 2006
by Jenny Hides

Long years ago I had a plan for you.
You had no time for Me and Mine at all.
You were an engineer and artist too;
You loved to paint My trees both big and small.

And yet you could not see My Hand in this.
You took the credit for your gifts, with pride.
Wide open places were your highest bliss,
And after-death existence, you denied.

Until one day you met a lady friend
Although you had by then a snow white beard.
Mutual attraction you could not defend
Led soon to nuptial vows you both declared.

I gave you heights of bliss, before unknown,
The love you shared was pure, and deep, and true;
But still you could not see Me on My throne,
So there was nothing else that I could do.

In love, I granted Cancer to take hold
And forced you to consider your demise.
Your wife, I sent to lead you to the fold;
Where, just before your death, you gained the Prize.

And now, rejoicing, you are safe with Me
Beloved son, and thus I set you free
In perfect love for all eternity,
As reunited, you and she will be.

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