A Walk Back Home

by Gil Garcia
(Stockton, California, USA)

The Madonna of the Harpies

The Madonna of the Harpies

A Walk Back Home is a story of a child artist growing up in 1940s in the heart of south central Los Angeles. Its a humorous story of five children, their loving parents, one Sheep dog, and a Dutch priest who are at the heart of this story.
This story unfolds at time before television; when families gathered around the evening radio to listen to the family programing of that era that nutured their imaginations and bonded them together in mystery and laughter. It was a time when hand-me-down clothing was further antiqued by a squadron of moths, and a ride in the rumble seat of Pop's Model A Ford was a rite of passage. It was a time when good Catholic families dreaded the thought of going to hell for eating meat on Fridays.
The back-drop for this story a neighborhood that's made up of large colorful immigrant families that had migrated to the west cost to fill the needs of new war industry. Immigrants that were as much in character as any illustrated in Norman Rockwell paintings depicting life in New York and Vermont.
I painted all the illustrations in the book,but I have to say that I found a new love in my life and that is creative writing.
My book is expected to be released this summer.

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Gil Garcia

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