by Marilyn
(Stone Mountain, GA)

I came alone
Although not without help
As if a cyclone
Swirling sent me with a yelp.

From my cozy existence
The warmth of a womb
I arrived with resistance
From the peace of a tomb.

No idea what to expect
Taking it ALL in
I admit sometimes I regret
Leaving the quiet safety within.

Of course, I see the reason
Behind my inability to stay
Still I yearn every season
Looking for a way

To find a quiet still place
In a world I remember
Getting out of the race
An opportunity to surrender.

Releasing all tension
And negativity I've taken on
Focusing my attention
Before I come upon.

The next phase I travel
Challenging me to awaken
Seeking to unravel
My inner voice lies forsaken

The part of me that knows
There is no need to worry
Perhaps I came to write prose,
In any case there is no hurry.

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