Your anti-aging secret 

This anti-aging secret can bring new joys to your life as you age. 

I have been researching the topic of the anti-aging secret for some time and I have found that for many adults, especially women searching this topic, what they really want are tips for looking young even as they add years to their lives. So let me deal with that aspect of anti-aging first.

Cindy Crawford says "Looking good is about eating right, getting enough sleep, and drinking lots of water."  Claudia Schiffer agrees about the drinking water ...staying hydrated. Helen Mirren thinks that  sleep is her key to looking good. For many women it appears that anti-aging secret is about how they LOOK.

But maybe the real anti-aging secret is different. Maybe it is not just about how we look. Yes, looks matter but do you really think that age is confined to just how you look? Jane Fonda may come a bit close to the truth because she says that 'exercise is her key to her own youthfulness'.  Yes, Fonda looks good but she moves beyond just looks to a "sense of youthfulness".

Let's take Fonda's insight a bit further so we have not just a 'sense of youthfulness' but a whole attitude, a way of living that 'chooses life with all its complexities and challenges'.  And the key word here is 'chooses'. Yes, choice.

In every situation we have at least one choice: the choice of our attitude. And attitude is our most important choice.  

It is not chronological age that is the real anti aging secret or there would not be so many centenarians who seem younger.... decades younger than their chronological age.

Need proof? Take a look at some centenarians who talk about their anti-aging secret 

And you? Have you already learned this secret? Do you practice it in your own life?

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