I will be 81 years on dec 3 . i have been drawing and painting since 1958. been in shows , sold ,have pieces on walls all around even in Alaska. I can't stop painting and showing children how to. Now I could use some help with money for supplies and travel.,shipping and postage. I have to keep watercolors in 16x20 format so i can carry on bicycle.

My subjects range painted ladies of the fox valley,Elgin foundry buildings antique store windows at Xmaspeople on the bus ships and boats,places I have worked etc etc .etc.still working ON A BOOK .IN THE JOURNEY/?

I STILL COOK 3 meals a day,ride about 8 mi per day all year .

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Dec 27, 2014
Picture for Water Color study ??
by: Wooden Shoe Biker

I believe the above is a Picture of something Benjamin has painted in water color. Are there more works of his on this site. ??? I have seen many of his works at Ray Maxwell shop. He does nice work for sure. Time for a self portrait also. He is a handsome man and in great shape from all his bicycling.

Aug 23, 2014
one of those one of a kind people
by: Mary Ann Imhoff

I met Benjamin in 2004, I later was introduced to him and I'll keep it modest, he is a remarkable man, I'm happy our paths crossed. Not everyone is talented as he, he has an interesting past and his future will be the same cause he just sees the moment different than most. Keep up the beautiful work you do and thank you for inspiring the rest of us.

Dec 28, 2013
Love this painting!
by: Lee

How lovely. We need to see more of this artist.

Oct 16, 2013
more, more!
by: Penelope

What a fabulous man! Where can I see more of his art?

Oct 04, 2013
Know Ben
by: Larry

I see Benjamin about every day that I work at the library. Ben has shown me many of his paintings all of them are full of life, color and energy- really beautiful. More people need to see his work.

Sep 26, 2013
Absolutely beautiful!
by: Anonymous

This is an absolutely beautiful painting. The vibrancy and grandeur is breathtaking. One can almost feel the breeze and smell the flowers. Beautiful, just beautiful.

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