by Steven Froemel
(Florissant,Missouri USA)

My tears keep falling...flooding my soul with so much pain,darling since you closed your life's been Bluer than rain.

My body aches so intense...not having you to hold,my arms wait by my sides...growing num,empty and cold. Oh darling my heart is hurting...the wound you left is deep,the thumping beat is lost...the steadyness you used to keep.

Crying and wiping my eyes long enough to briefly see...if or when your vision of beauty,might appear and return to me.

But you I never saw...Lord I'm going insane,my darling I'm freeing over inside...feeling still Bluer than Rain. Ohhhhhh my darling...without you,I'm Bluer than Rain...cold empty shell,who's Bluer than Rain.

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