Cats and Dogs

by Larry Anderson
(Langley,BC, Canada)

A Fairy Tale of Dogs and Cats (165 JPG)

The Dog:
“In my first years I was the only pet in the house.
Then some kittens were brought on board.
At first they got so much more attention
I felt like a louse.”

The Cat:
“We came into the family when we were quite young.
After a short time, being together, we met the dog.
Slowly we kittens learned to care for each other
But the dog thought she was the important one.”

The Dog:
“ After a while the cats seemed to dominate me.
Occasionally they’d walk right over my face.
I’ve learned to adjust but sometimes I sigh.
I look right at them, cause I want them to see.”

The Cat:
“ Now we cats have learned to take care.
It’s kind of quite nice to know that he’s near
We like to sleep under his ear and
If we’re in trouble we know that he’s there.”

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