Early Spring Evening

by Ngo Doan Dai
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Early Spring Evening

Ngo Doan Dai
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

The evening sun roses the tops of trees;
The far building behind the clump is flared;
On the sky a crane flaps wings lonely;
The meadow with little snow lays quiet.

Six children ardently thrust the scooters;
They compete in speed on the road;
An old man with his dog - friendly walkers;
He leisurely walks without overcoat.

A squirrel runs up the hydro pole;
On the tree some crows perch taking a rest;
Beside the houses the cars sleep alone;
Tomorrow they will glide their best.

The evening here is peaceful;
My spirit now’s fully relaxed.
The neighborhood and I - in tune;
Living here’s the most good luck!

Ottawa, 5/4/2015

Author: from Hanoi, Vietnam; visiting daughter/son in law/grandson in Ottawa;

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