by Charles F Miller
(Leander, Texas, U.S.)

Eighteen years of knowing
You were always there to talk
In your place at the back of the hall
By my side for a journey through the woods
Reading to my best friend in the kitchen
Reliving history in the living room
Reenacting the last century in the back yard
Dressing the part
Talking the walk
Growing up
Being a friend
Traveling far
Leaving home

A tearful eye
A breaking heart
You can return
But you will not

You face the morning bravely
A happy day
I say goodbye with sadness
But it must be

Today, you speak to other ears
You read to your best friend
History has not passed by you
In you still it lives
And you have three times eighteen
Not only two as I did

© 2015 Charles F Miller Jr

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