Fighting Alzheimers

by Larry Anderson
(Langley BC Canada)

I live each day, one day at time and

On my computer I create poems.
Yes I have been diagnosed with Alzheimers
But my life is still mine.

LIve each day in the here and now
The last thing to do is get full of sorrow
Continue to live your daily life and wait for tomorrow
Eating a tea spone of salt (in a glass of water)
Have any kind of vegtable from tomatos to lettuce or more
Also various kinds of fruit. each day. (my choice is apples)
This helps me feel pretty good in the here and now.

I tell you now to stay in the "here and now"
As much as you can and I suggest
That you go to the internet
And type in fighting Alzheimers.

Next week I will be 76 years old
And I know that fighting Alzheimers
Is not full of gold
But it will help you to keep getting old
Good luck my friend

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