Geoffrey Nwogu

by Geoffrey Nwogu
(Inkster, MI, USA)

Sculptor, painter, designer, photographer. Born in Nigeria. Lived in the USA since 1983. Shown works in galleries, museums in the USA, and other four major continents. Taught art in colleges and institutions in California. Have works in major collections in many countries. Served as a cultural officer in Nigeria's Imo state 177-83. Now lives in Michigan state. Traveled in the five major continents.

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Feb 01, 2019
You are a star to Mbaise people
by: Sir K.C IWUH

Am very privileged to meet you in person , your are true son of mbaise people, its sad that the Nigeria government has not recognized your work , my prayer is the young once coming up should learn from you to keep alive our culture and what we ate known for in Africa, long live my brother,

May 12, 2018
Geoffrey's Work is Superb
by: Anonymous

I was opportune to watch Geoffrey carve some of his amazing scenes including an Ibo, Palace in Nigeria. At that time he was working at San Francisco Art Institute. Many of the many art dealers appreciated his work only few marketed his work. It was frustrating. In Galleries at San Francisco, Camel and Santa Cruz art work of his contemporaries were fetching $10,000 and more for a piece of similar at when he was lucky if a piece of his work sold for $500.00 or less.
One day I volunteered to represent his work in promotion and sales and took some his work to Ventura, Santa Barbra and Beverly Hills, LA. My effort was worth it.

On a personal note I feel Geoffrey need a break. A part from global art outlets African governments need to recognize his creativity and shower him with award contracts.

Mar 15, 2015
by: Xoxo

I remember the very first experience of going to an art exhibition and I was like amazed or rather confused to see the paintings and sculptures, which actually looked so weird that even a two year old could make better than that. But when they were explained about the artifacts from the artist’s perspective, it was mind-blowing.

Mar 22, 2011
by: Shrl

It is a pleasure to see your work; your sculptures are most unusual and fabulous.

Nov 08, 2010
Like It
by: Steve

Really nice piece..

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