How Are You?

by D. S. Barnes
(Lansing, Illinois, USA)

Now a day's how are you

is just a form
are you willing to ride the verbal storm

Back in the day of evolution
how are you was tried and true
it said something about you

For why do we go through such a formality
just to find out you're fine through humility
but inside you're dying
to keep your lips from trying to tell
whether or not you're sick or well

When tragedies happened
and death was imminent
how are you was a sediment

Where is the soul for justification
that answers the question knowing
with great hesitation

Autonomy allows a person to be
or to be not
as silence lingers
time just flew thru our fingers

For our lips are pierced with a golden moment
like silence, it lingers in the distance
but face to face nothing to embrace but consistence

Keep at ease as you say you are okay
for talking might not happen today
Sick or well, only time will tell

When you ask, how are you
oppression is the task at hand
better not really answer how you are
for it is not 1800's anymore

Back then people asked
and they took the time to hear
I guess much has changed since yesteryear

I just wish we all could
take the time to hear
what is being said there
then in answering how we are
we are able to hold our head erect
because no one's life is perfect!

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