Just Passing Through

by shirley gerald ware
(medford ma)


Kids, come now, lets talk

Don't attach your self to me

I am just passing through

I will care for you and teach you

How to care for yourself

In my absence.

My stay, I can't give a time

I am just passing through

My time might come to an abrupt end

Hopefully, I will be warned when my time is up

I have enjoyed my stay, and hope when your time come

You will feel the same.

Please, I don't want you to fret my departure

I have known, for a while that one day

My stay would end

The tools I leave behind will sustain you in life.

Come now, let me teach you how to use them

Because I am just passing through.

Copyright © 2012 by S. G. Ware

Shirley Gerald Ware is the author four published books, with a fifth book pending publication 2012. She has written numberless poem, articles, short stories and book reviews. She is the publisher of Ten years old magazine that publishes teen and adult writers of poetry, short stories and articles worldwide.

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