by Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
(Palm Springs, CA)

I am a 70 year old poet

Legacy ©
Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
July 21, 2021

So let’s just suppose today was the day
You looked in the mirror and to yourself you did say
Looks like the journey has wound down to an end
My social card now devoid of extravaganzas to attend

The termination date on this relic
Has way since expired
This old wizened soul
Has grown oh so very tired

What legacies of life did you truly embrace
That you could leave behind for the human race?
What gifts did you bequeath to this fragile tenuous world?
What treasures did you leave still yet to be unfurled?

Profundity alas is not a jewel I would leave
To those left on earth for my soul yet to grieve
Trinkets of gold, silver, diamonds and such
Legacies of wealth….not really worth very much

So let’s get to the crux, let’s get to the heart
Of legacies pure and pristine
So where shall I start?

How handsome he was!
What an artist was she!
Did you see how they bowled?
Such a lawyer was he!

Legacies all……..or perhaps legacies none
Even for those who had one helluva run!
Not to belabor the point nor pretend to be a sage
Just a simple thought to place on this page

The choices in life you have made will be
Your lasting, resplendent legacy
So choose to be kind in all that you do
No greater legacy could be left by you

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