MODERN TIMES: The Cartoon Story of We Funny Humans

by Dean Hinmon
(Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

In 1936 Charlie Chaplin brought us his view of Modern Times in the silent film of the same name. This truly great movie didn’t need sound. We viewers provided it with our mixture of tears and laughter. This book of cartoons is an updated version of Modern Times three-quarters of a century later. It too is a hilarious romp of many people like you and those you know. It too is silent, but it was written and drawn with the sincere wish that you provide the sound as we did in 1936.

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Mar 13, 2015
For Darin
by: Anonymous

Darin, glad you like the sample. The book can be purchased at

Jun 13, 2012
Putting Free Kindle On Your Computer
by: Dean Hinmon

Hi all,
This is Dean, author of the cartoon book Modern Times. I'm writing this comment to give you a great way to use Kindle on your computer free. You will find the easy download button for the Kindle app at the link that Kate has posted for purchasing the book. Just scroll down and you will find the button on your right. It's great to have all of the services of Kindle on your computer whether you get my book or not.

Dean Hinmon

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