Ode to a Vintage Soul

by Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
(Palm Springs, CA)

Ode to A Vintage Soul ©
Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
July 1, 2021

As his journey approaches 90 years
Of life on earth, it’s time,
To reflect on such a glorious life,
A life like vintage wine,
It has not always been easy
As the seasons came and went,
But one thing for sure
We can celebrate,
Is a life that was very well spent,
Spent loving a Catskills home so sweet
Replete with hummingbirds and bears,
Replete with loving friends and family
Who visited throughout the years,
This folk on the hill
This one of a kind
Would stand out in a crowd,
Yes sometimes not always appropriate
And maybe a bit too loud,
But lord knows always engaging
On topics of days gone by,
Like Hollywood celebrities
Or wars that made him cry,
His wife of more than 60 years
Always there like his Rock of Gibraltar,
Ready to catch him when he needs support
Making sure he doesn’t falter,
His children, his joy, his progeny
His greatest gift to this earth,
Adore his quirks, his good, his bad,
His passion and his mirth,
And mirth he has in buckets full
As laughter flows like rain,
His view of life unique, divine
And sometimes a bit insane,
And now each day for this glorious man
Comes with just a tad more pain,
Those eyes may need a bit more time
To communicate with his brain,
But rest assured well loved is he
And loved he’ll always be,
For 90 years well spent and shared
Is quite a legacy

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