Ode to Baby Boomers

by Carolyn June-Jackson
(Saint Louis, MO)

Boomers starting to mature
Stockpile anti-age brochures
Before we all go back to dust
Start bucket list, write living trust

Once was active, young, and trim
Now eyesight is growing dim
No more are we lads and lasses
Forced to wear bifocal glasses

Those spicy foods we loved to eat
Now we’re loving cream of wheat
Blood pressure too high or low
Daily check for new skin moles

Can’t walk a block or much less run
Climbing stairs, our goose is done
Enjoyed the little walks to town
Now we own a Hoveround®

Youthful skin is heading south
Can barely hear unless you shout
Gaining weight, no longer thin
Now we've grown an extra chin

Teeth aren’t real, nor is the hair
We use Depends® for underwear
Pain in joints won’t be ignored
Aleve and Motrin will restore

We should be planning to retire
Want to work, but can’t get hired
Employers say we have the skills
Won’t admit we’re over the hill

As boomers, we have set the pace
Just lack the wind to run the race
We may be leaving center stage
Still looking good in our old age

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