From how far beyond sun does truly come this light
Which radiance spills through limpid celestial blue
To claim the green-leafed dome that now sustains me
Cradled here in the deep-nested peace of these trees
Tall oaks, long years here on earth before my own birth
And others as seedlings sown by hands of one I loved
Declaring to me such girth and depth of his troth
With nurturing care I watched hemlock and redbud
birch ash and fir - each burst forth with life to endure
Trials of windstorm and hail, disease cold and drought
All altered by seasons and some grown tall as this house
Now through that lucid light seeps a late revelation -
That just as does all other earthen life, so too must we
All live ever caught deep in the throes of transformation

by Elaine Jiano Gaspari Lewis


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