by benjamin downs
(1010forest drive elgin ill 60123 usa)


THE YEAR WAS THE YEAR WAS THE YEAR WAS 1968 IT Was spring. I knew it was spring ,because I could feel th earth move under my feet.
I could feel the sound of the croucus pushing up through the earth .
the singing of the wings of the great flood of cranes
,and the giant black necked geese c0oming back into the flyway on their journey to the far north , to the great plainns and the tundra of alaska, where they would spend the summer.

this had been a fantastic year in the university for me .There had been some choices i was going to have to make.

these choices were not so difficult to make because

this was the year i was accepted to go to the AMERICAN
COLLEGE IN EUROPE FRANCE i was to go to paris to study the social, and the cultural and the economic changes

that were in progress at the time .
this manuscript goes on for 30 pages 8000 words people i met. things i saw and did ,food .

some of the time spent at various cities places from franc to belgium , italy,denmark germany swiss etc etc

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