Seven Decades and Beyond

by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh
(Detroit, MI - USA)

Decade One:

You’re learning to grow
and to behave, mostly
‘cause mom told you so.”

Decade Two:

You’re taking big risks
while strutting about
and proving your clout.

Decade Three:

You’re soaring high,
up, up, up and away
into all work and no play.

Decade Four:

You’re settling down
into parental delight
and taking things in stride.

Decade Five:

You’re contemplating
the possible duration
of your current situation.

Decade Six:

You’re eagerly piling
up what you’ve missed
onto a mental bucket list.

Decade Seven:

You’re now investing
some of your wealth
into restoring your health.

And Beyond:

You’re blessed if any
new dawn is your gift
for a long life well-lived.

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