Step in My Shoes

by Becky Bridge
(Alvin, TX, Brazoria)

You can’t understand what it feels like to be me,
My heart is aching for some one to see.
I sit here all day and watch as you go by
You don’t even see me, I don’t know why.

Your heart has grown cold, you are too busy for me,
You think I am just old and I don’t see.
But you are the one that just can’t see,
How I am hurting just being me.
Step in my shoes for only a day..

You get impatient with me and walk away,
While my mind is screaming please, please stay.
I don’t have the answers you want to hear,
So you leave me sitting alone and in fear.

Why do you Feel, I need to change?
You bathe me as if I have mange.
Don't you know, it feels better this way.
Just let me wear these clothes day after day!

Please remember when I get mad and yell,
That it’s really not me, it’s only my shell.

Step in my shoes for only a day,
Then maybe, just maybe…..
You’ll understand what I am trying to say.

So always remember as you care for me each day,
To treat me with kindness and love in every way.
Be patient and tender as you guide me along my way,
Step into my shoes for only a day…..

Written by B.Bridge (65)
Inspired by Allah Ford (92)

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