Steven Froemel

by Steven Froemel
(Florissant,Missouri. USA)

I started working in styrofoam cups quite by accident in 2007 out of boredom. I've always dabbled in art. As I grew older...I began spending more time recapturing my talents. I was at a coffee shop with friends....drinking my 32oz cup of choice....and as i listened to the conversation of friends...I stared at my cup,took out a ink pen and began drawing on it. About a hour later...I noticed people were watching me and not talking. I had finished the cup drawing by then...sat it down. A guy walked up and told me he had never seen anything like this...and ask me if it was for sale. I hadn't really thought about I said. He threw a $20 down and said ..I'll take it. This was just a simple ink drawing....a bell went off and now at age 60....I started drawing and painting then carving and painting the cups. The rest is history..I have a unique art form (I call it STYRORAMAS)that no one else does(no 2 are alike.). I created a web site to showcase what I well as my other art work.

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Oct 16, 2011
by: Steve Froemel

Thanks Glenda....your comment means a lot to me.

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