The Bible is Viable

by John Schrag
(N. Newton, KS USA)

The Bible is viable, a reliable source of news

One can learn about the Gentiles, while studying about the Jews
A concordance in the back helps decide which verse to choose
If the reliable, viable, Bible lies here handy to be used

A lot of nothing becomes something, as creation starts to bloom
God will come and stand beside me if I only give him room
His plan for me seems awesome as though woven in a loom
While I walk along beside him from the manger to the tomb

The Israelite?s ?Mount Sinai? en-route to their promised land
Where God?s commandments, written in stone, were put into Moses? hand
The more stories I share from the Bible, the better I?ll understand
Why I see God?s footprints beside mine in the sand

His unconditional love flows freely because God has made that rule
I can?t take a something out of nothing and set it on a stool
But I can spread God?s love almost anywhere without looking like a fool
As long as I can convince myself to use this Bible for a tool

God wants me to open my heart to his powerful gift of love
Warmed by God?s own hands and sent down from above
I?ll wrap myself with God?s presence like a hand wrapped in a glove
Then, pass this gift of love along with a firm but gentle shove

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