The Long Way There

by Jesus Tito Gomez
(Thoreau, NM, U.S.A.)

Not a moment too soon to splendor

At the sights along the way.
Just seconds to see what is there,
And to respond accordingly at the display.

You have an hour to report,
But take a day.
It's not that you are forgetful,
it's that you viewed sights along the way.

Did you get in trouble, maybe lost your job?
Did you receive a lecture for your stay?
Did someone think you were lost?
Did they think you lost your way?

The sights were so beautiful, colorful and all.
The people smiled when you smelled
All those interesting flowers in their yard.
The people were interesting as well.

It was the long way there
That completed the day.
The long way there
That completed the way.

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