The Vibration of Humanity

by Marilyn Morrison
(Stone Mountain, GA, 30083 Dekalb)

The soundtrack of life, vibrating sound into matter,
manifesting, creating all of life.

Every living being playing their part in the symphony,
Listen intently to that cacophony of sound.

The harmonies, the discord, the screeching and screaming cries, the terror, the pain, raw emotion, aggression -
And at the same time, joy and laughter, all of life
mating, coupling, the spirit at play in wild ecstasy,
and God conducting all of it.

All of this happening simultaneously, God's orchestra,
God's voice speaking through every living creature.

Will you listen?
Really listen as the voice of humanity cries out?
Be attentive to the conductor,
The Concerto of Love is written.
The orchestra of God is playing,
Do you know your part?

Use loving, compassionate, encouraging words,
Keep your eye on the Conductor.
Your only reliable sheet music is written straight from your HEART.

And Play On......

August 2010

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