Tribute to Annemarie

by Jenny Hides (69)
(South Africa)

Tribute to Annemarie
by Jenny Hides

The night was dark before the dawn
While driving back to work.
My wife was sitting at the wheel
When, looming in the murk -
There was a stationary truck
On slope and curve ahead.

No warning lights, no chevron placed
To warn approaching cars.
Braked tyres squealed and burnt the tar,
Too late for her to pass.
A sickening crunch the impact made,
Our vehicle stopped dead.

No cry of shock or pain she made.
The wheel had crushed her chest.
Three hours it took to cut her loose
From wreckage cruelly pressed.
But all the while a sense prevailed
Of God's peace round about.

Her crushed lungs battled to draw air
As helpless we stood by.
Oh Lord, why don't You undertake
And hear my anguished cry?
As smoke began to rise, we knew
That time was running out.

But as the weight was lifted off
And circulation freed,
The shock was just too much to bear -
She could no longer breathe.
'Twas then without a murmured word,
My darling passed away.

And when I gazed upon the face
Of her who'd been my bride -
Full thirty five years earlier;
The hope within me died.
And yet, the glow upon that face,
The smile of peace still lay.

I railed at Heaven's gates indeed.
Resentment for my lot
Directed t'wards the Hand of God,
Though He decried me not.
Instead He filled my soul with peace,
And healed my aching heart.

Though years have passed and pain grows dim,
The memories never fade,
And now I can rejoice that she
Is on Christ's bosom laid,
Until that day with wonder, we
Will meet; no more to part.


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