Winter in Ottawa

by Ngo Doan Dai
( Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Winter in Ottawa
by Ngo Doan Dai
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

It's winter in Ottawa,
And the gentle breezes blow,
The trees stand quiet in the area,
The meadow's covered with white snow.

And Kevin, my great neighbor,
Is coming to pick me up,
And I’ll meet with other seniors
To have breakfast, drinking a coffee cup.

Our talk will be on diverse issues,
On Canada's life, on international topics,
On how to lead a life of virtue,
On the youth's years, on seniors' habits.

Looking through the window - flakes of snow,
On a branch - a bright red bird.
The cardinal sings love song, oh,
It's song makes my heart recovered.

Yes, the winter here is wonderful.
I know I've been captivated.
I could never leave this Ottawa,
Once I was being so fascinated.

Ottawa, 16 March 2015.

Author: from Hanoi, Vietnam; visiting daughter/son in law/grandson in Ottawa

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