by William Park
(2701 NW Highway 101 #13 Lincoln City, OR 97367-4777)

This book was started 24 years ago after I was struck by lightning. I believe all who read my book will be blessed. YOU FIRST is full of inspirational knowledge with many insights on living a good life. 'Me first' people overcrowd our prisons, jails and courtrooms. I am at present 70 years of age and am sure my experiences and insights will keep many people out of trouble. By getting YOU FIRST published and into the hands of our younger citizens will create values in them and make the world a better place to live in. YOU FIRST is non-fictional and will result in a better America and perhaps the world. Publishing YOU FIRST will also eliminate me from the need for welfare assistance and perhaps Social Security. I have been struck by lightning, crushed between a large forklift and a bus, been shot, stabbed, had numerous dirt bike accidents, terrorized by bullies in school and yet I live. Surely I have been preserved for this mission. Because of being struck by lightning I've been living with a form of epilepsy known as Myoclonic Jerks (very debilitating). I need 12 thousand dollars to publish YOU FIRST. It is one of the more expensive publishers but they have the most comprehensive set of services available, which is just what I need. May I thank you in advance for your kind consideration and your concerted efforts in this matter. email address

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