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Anti-Aging Articles So you are getting older. I understand. I am 'older' too.  We have that in common. 

Since you have come to this web site with 'Anti-Aging' in its title, I assume you do not want to fall into the 'old person stereotype' that so often exists in developed countries.  

It was not always this way.  Elders used to be prized. Business owners wanted their experience as did clients of physicians and lawyers. Being assigned to the classroom of an older teacher was considered great luck.

Elders were so admired, so esteemed that men often wore white wigs and women dressed in the 'squared out' body fashions that flattered the post menopausal woman. Everyone wanted to look 'older', more experienced and more important. But all this changed with the adoption of assembly line manufacturing, scientific farming, scientific health care and child care.

Suddenly 'old' and 'old fashioned' became pejorative terms. Everyone wanted NEW. New cars, new fashions, new ideas. And with the move to the electronic world, new, the latest, the most RECENT development is all that people want. Such cultural developments have been hard on elders.

When I give lectures to administrators of public agencies or to groups of senior citizens or even to college students majoring in gerontology, I often remind them that if we expand our horizons just a bit, we shall find elders are treasured in many parts of the world...even in societies that are highly advanced scientifically and electronically.

Elders used to be powerful because they were needed.  Before manufacturing was mechanized and assembly lines removed the need for experience; before health care was routinized and  pharmaceuticals became the norm; back when farming and teaching were considered arts, not sciences....back then experience counted. Owners sought out persons who had been on the job for years.

web site has been created with you in mind.  You've noticed small signs in the mirror, slight changes in your body that show you are getting older. Like many of us you are concerned. You want a good life, a vibrant life. You do not want to be 'pushed aside'. You do not want to grow stagnant or feel you are 'going downhill'. You want to feel happy, respected and to contribute to society.

You do NOT want to fit any of the stereotypes of old age:

  • tired
  • just hanging on
  • living a life with little or no meaning

The GOOD NEWS is that your life CAN be what you desire It can be meaningful. In fact it can become even more interesting -- full of new learning, new experiences and real meaning. Scientific Studies are overturning many of the 'myths of aging'. Scientists have found, for example, that people grow happier as they age....that it is possible to reverse many of the external signs of aging and that many older adults are real anchors of stability and hope in their communities.

Now I know there are many web sites dedicated to Anti-Aging topics but nearly all of them are trying to SELL you something - a special supplement, a cream or even an ebook or program that promises you can look and feel younger than ever in just a few weeks.

This Anti-Aging-Articles web site is different. I am not in the supplement business. Nor am I in the beauty or skin care business. I am a college professor retired from full time teaching; a Senior Scholar at the Center for Aging and Policy. I enjoy reading research. And I have been reading research about the years after age 50 for more than 25 years.

Some years ago I found my mailbox filling up with 'junk mail' - all sorts of letters and brochures trying to sell me some new Anti-Aging product. But when I read the brochures I found that few were backed up by any real scientific research. Oh, they had 'testimonials' but NO real research. That is when I decided to start this Anti-Aging Articles web site.

I wanted to create a site where you could find real scientific research ...where you could find out what products really do have good research AND where you could read examples of women and men living their elder years with meaning and joy.

ANTI-AGING-ARTICLES is you place for the latest research on issues such as health, longevity and cognitive well being. It's where you'll get tips about post retirement living and even how to earn income in your older years. There are articles about Fashion after 50, about skin care and a series of pages where senior artists, authors and poets can post their work. I hope you will enjoy exploring the site.

Oh, and you can sign up for my free monthly NEWSLETTER, Ageless Aging, Just click on the NEWSLETTER button to the right.

Thanks for visiting! Kate

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