Anti-aging food

Anti-aging food can enhance your health, energy, mental fitness and slow many of the changes that are marks of growing old.

Many people assume that lean meat, dairy products such as yogurt and vegetables are the best longevity foods. But scientist now tell us that there are even better choices. To understand which foods are the best and why, you need to understand something about the Free Radical Theory of Aging and a new way of classifying foods called ORAC.

Free radical theory of aging. Most longevity experts say that free radicals are the main cause of aging. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that have an 'extra' or free electron. This free electron makes the molecule unstable. It seeks another molecule so they can become stable. When the free radical bonds to another molecule it causes proteins and other essential molecules to not function as they should.

This reactive process sets up a chain reaction of which damages the body's cells. If you want to read a scientific exposition of this theory go to: Free radical Theory of Aging

It is believed that the anti-oxidants can protect the body from the damage caused by these free radicals.Some agencies in the United States developed a scale that rates the antioxidant content of various food. This antioxidant rating scale is called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC for short.

High ORAC ratings means the food has high anti-oxidant potential and thus rates as a good Anti-aging food.

Here are some highlights from the USDA ORAC list:

Cinnamon. 100 grams of ground cinnamon has a rating of 267,536! This is why many longevity experts suggest sprinkling some cinnamon on your food or hot drinks.

Beans. A half cup (dried beans) of small Red Beans has a score of 13727 , Red kidney beans 13259 , Pinto beans11864 and Black beans 4181.

Fruits are next. Each ORAC number is for 1 cup. Wild blueberry1 13427; Cultivated blueberry 9019; Cranberry 8983,Blackberry 7701, Prunes (½ cup )7291 ; Raspberry 6058; Strawberry 5938; Red Delicious apple I whole) 5900 ; Granny Smith apple 5381 ; Sweet cherries (1 cup) 4873; Black plum 1 plum 4844 ; other plums have 4118 each and a Gala apple has a rating of 3903.

Artichoke hearts 1 cup, cooked 7904, an ounce of Pecans is 5095 and a single Russet potato cooked is 4649.

So those are your best Anti-aging food choices.

Of course this list presupposes that the fruits and vegetables are fresh and that they pesticide free. Naturally organic is best since organic foods have no toxic chemicals.

Many scientists also advise against using genetically modified foods. Here is a short list of common products withthe GE ingredient in ( ). Coca Cola (corn syrup and/or Aspartame), Fritos (corn), Green Giant Harvest Burgers (soy), McDonald's French Fries (potatoes), Nestle's chocolates (soy), Karo Corn Syrup (corn), NutraSweet (Aspartame), Kraft Salad Dressings (canola oil), Fleishmann's margarine (soy), Similac Infant Formula (soy), Land o Lakes butter (rBGH), Cabot Creamery Butter (rBGH).

Source: Genetically-Engineered Food Dangers at

If you are interested in longevity and keeping early signs of aging at bay, you are willing to pay a bit more to ensure that the food you put in your body does not have toxic chemicals and they are not Genetically engineered.

You can obtain the FDA complete ORAC listing at The FDA ORAC scale

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