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Longevity Articles. How long can you live? How long will you live?

The search for a "Fountain of Youth" is centuries old. And science is making progress in the quest for life extension.

New studies offer real hope that we have not justmere possibilities for life extension but practical actions that can work for most of us.

What we know so far

We know our lifespans are both a matter of inherited genes AND our daily actions.

Average life span

The World Health Organization tracks the AVERAGE life expectancy in different countries. Their data shows that life spans are increasing across the globe.

BUT this increase has been due to eliminating many infant and early childhood deaths. Fewer childhood deaths means the AVERAGE life expectancy of a society increases. BUT this does not address the issue you want - increasing your own life expectancy.

The links below offer you 'state of the art' studies: Longevity Articles that identify specific actions that can increase YOUR life span. Other articles show that there is NO SCIENTIFIC evidence to support claims made by marketers for some longevity supplements but supplements may have merit. Learn the difference!

There are things you can do that can add years to your life span. Your longevity is NOT just a matter of genetic inheritance. Your daily choices can have a dramatic effect on how long you will live as well as the quality of life you will enjoy in your elder years.

Longevity articles and resources

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  6. Planning for a long life: Longevity needs a life plan - will yours do?
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More data:

Here are some 'overall life expectancy charts' for people living in countries around the world. Link to a table at Wikepeia CIA Factbook information for Life Expectancy by country for Longevity Articles

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