Senior artists

Senior artists are growing in number. After the pressures of child raising and/or the daily engagement in a full time job, many take time to explore and express the creative aspects of their personalities.

For some people this is a new that enriches their lives. Elizabeth Layton did not begin to draw until her 60's but drawing soon became her passion. See: Elizabeth Layton, artist of Old Age.

But Layton is not the only one. Alice and Richard Matzkin are two artists who began to paint and sculpt the Art of Aging after they turned 50. They created a video to explain. Click on: Senior artists : The Art of Aging

One of the aims of this web is to showcase what aging or elderhood can be like. And showcasing art is one way of meeting that goal. I invite you to submit a photo of your work, to write a few paragraphs giving us some background - either about yourself as an artist or the particular work(s) you are submitting.

If you have a website gallery, feel free to include your url. If you link back to this web site (any one of your pages) I will include a link to your site in return.

NOTE: To give many artists an opportunity to publish work, I shall only build one page per artist. Thanks for your understanding.

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Visitors comments about the art shown here.

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I am Iraqi Women my age is 65 years now - I lost my husband in iraqi iranian war he left me with my baby 10 months old. I did not get married …

Larry Anderson 
I am a 74 year old retired psychology professor. I began art several years ago, including wood carving; poetry, and painting. I have learned much from …

I will be 81 years on dec 3 . i have been drawing and painting since 1958. been in shows , sold ,have pieces on walls all around even in Alaska. I can't …

O.P.Joshi, Jaipur, India 
Dear friends, I learned art up to graduation and did my post graduation in Social-cultural Anthropology. I retired as Professor 15 years back, but continued …

Larry Snode 
I'm a soon to be 65 husband, father and grandfather. I've had to spend most of my life working in the home improvement sales business so I could have …

Ruth Thomas 
I love turning wood on my lathe...I need to practice more often than I have in the past few years. I will try to post some pictures of my work. I have …

Judith Harris 
Though most of my paintings are painted in acrylics, I do enjoy exploring mixed mediums. I paint in several styles. I paint portraits of children, landscape, …

I am 72 now as yesterday was my birthday. Though I taught Sociology and Anthropology in colleges and Universities my interest in Painting continued. …

I began my painting journey over twenty years ago. It has brought so much meaning to my life, in fact, it is my reason for living. I love it so much …

Geoffrey Nwogu 
Sculptor, painter, designer, photographer. Born in Nigeria. Lived in the USA since 1983. Shown works in galleries, museums in the USA, and other four major …

Steven Froemel 
I started working in styrofoam cups quite by accident in 2007 out of boredom. I've always dabbled in art. As I grew older...I began spending more time …

Gil Garcia 
There has always been art in my life. Having five artist in the family; my life was set in stone, and I have never regretted a moment of it. Self taught …

Gil Garcia Not rated yet
In the early years my mother began to teach all five of her children to draw. I took to portraits and have been enjoying my craft for the past sixty-four …

Paulus Vernier in Bangkok and Portland Not rated yet
I'm a former criminal trial attorney, born in Oregon, now living in Bangkok, Thailand during the winter months. I live in Portland, Oregon during the …

Larry Anderson Not rated yet
I love to create both poems and paintings. One of the things most interesting to me in painting is much of it is influenced by feelings rather than thoughts. …

Catherine Meyers Not rated yet
CATHERINE MEYERS - ARTIST STATEMENT My drawing and painting practice involves representational, figurative, portraiture, and narrative subject matter. …

Dean Hinmon Not rated yet
I began drawing cartoons when I was 20, 63 years ago, but then with a family on the way and busy with college classes and then teaching and all sorts of …

Nancy Davis Not rated yet
I'm a photographer. I'm very invovled in the arts in my area. I'm currently the co-chair of a local art fair. Working on two separate upcoming exhibits …

Om Joshi, Jaipur India Not rated yet
I am 72+ and done few interesting paintings, and do paintings for Public Places too. 1. I have done a painting depicting All Presidents and First Ladies …

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