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Brain help.  Memory loss and brain deterioration is one of the most feared parts of growing older. So many of us have seen a parent or an older friend lose memory, grow in confusion or  become unable to take care of their own banking, prepare their own meals or even remember the birthdays of their grandchildren.

We do not want this to happen to us. Every time we misplace our keys or forget something we worry.  Some of us  have found ways to handle such 'memory slips' but still we worry.  Or maybe WE are not worried but our children or friends may show concern about our mind and memory.

We can save our minds and memory!

This has been a very person quest for me. Some years ago, a driver ran a red light, hit my car and I suffered a brain injury (TBI). EVERY time I met with the neurologist she warned me that I would get Alzheimer's disease.

Now I was an academic. Thinking was my life! So I did what I do any time I am faced with a problem.  I read. I researched for Brain help.

The book, Brain Longevity was useful. It helped me regain some skills.  But I  continued to examine every potential treatment outside pharmaceuticals

(I did not research pharmaceuticals because I am not a physician.  But I  also knew that the pharmaceuticals we now have do NOT really reverse brain loss.  I wanted something more effective.)

First, I found the Kirtan Chant that has been shown to preserve memory and reverse Mild Cognitive Impairment. Here is a link to that page. Kirtan Chat

Second, I found a number of supplements used in other parts of the world that increased or preserved brain function.

But now I have found something so much better!

New Brain help

Recently I found something new. A program that claims to REVERSE BRAIN LOSS! This  program says it improves thinking and memory for anyone. The program takes  a few minutes each day. And those who use it begin to find improved brain functioning in 30 days or less.

I bought the program - in part because the company selling it offers one of the best money back guarantees I have found.  (I am wiling to try something if the  seller has a money back guarantee. I figure I can not lose. And I might gain

The author of this program has put together a video about it. (I found his voice a bit annoying but I listened the end.) (His generous  return policy is stated at the end of the video.

But the program was more than disappointing. It talks about brain structure but it gives almost nothing by way of practice. If you decide to buy it, the money back offer means you have NOTHING TO LOSE...but I really have questions about this new program.

Here is the link to a video about this brain program:

Click Here!

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