Life Beyond 100 by Norman Shealy M.D.

Life Beyond 100 by Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.d. offers you a comprehensive, well documented set of Life Extension, Anti-aging and Ageless Aging tips. This book is all about how to extend your life span and keep vigorous and in good health.

Shealy is known as the author of several books: 90 Days to Stress-Free Living, the Creations of Health, sacred Healing: the curing Power of Energy and Spirituality and the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing remedies.

In Life Beyond 100 he provides information and practical advice about becoming a healthy Super-Centenarian (those who live past 110). Shealy holds that we already have the medical and scientific information available. It is just that most people do not know this information.

His chapters cover:

  1. Life Expectancy and Medical Miracles
  2. Stress and Distress: Restoring Human DNA for Health and Longevity
  3. Antidotes to Stress: Exercise, Healthful Eating, and Healthful Sleeping
  4. Depression
  5. Electrical Concepts of Energy and Electromagnetism
  6. Chemical and Electromagnetic Aspects of Health and Disease
  7. Holy water, Sacred oil: the Secret of Life
  8. Recommendations for Optimal Health

Although his chapter headings are provocative, much of the information and advice is very practical. For me, one of the most useful parts of the book is his describing and illustrating the Energy Rings:

  • the Ring of Fire that stimulates the production of DHEA by 60 - 100%
  • the Ring of Air that stimulates the production of neurotensin
  • the Ring of water that stimulates the production of aldosterone
  • the Ring of Earth that stimulates the production of Calcitonin (and so it useful in preventing or reversing bone loss)
  • the Ring of Crystal which regenerates the nervous system and body as a whole.

Each of these Rings use specific acupuncture points and Shealy describes how you can stimulate them and gain healthful benefits on our own.

The book also has many practical suggestions concerning specific health conditions.

The 16 pages of bibliography cites numerous scientific journal articles and gives credence to Shealy's work as not being 'off the wall' but based on science and his own clinical practice.

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