Dare to be 100

Dare to be 100 by Doctor Walter m. Bortz is an informative and upbeat book. Bortz offers an upbeat assessment of the possibility of not only living to 100 but doing so in solid physical and mental health.

Doctor Bortz begins his book by showing that the 'future isn't what it used to be'. He gives facts and figures to show the men and women in the developed world are living longer - that becoming a centenarian is not such a rare occasion any more.

He notes that women do seem to outlive men but that once men reach 100, their likelihood of dying drops. And the number of men who then reach 105 doubles. He notes that Native Americans are especially long lived. (It can be noted that Native Americans have retained the concept of Elderhood. It could be that having a well defined and respected role in society is one thing that adds to such longevity. See: Elderhood.

Dare to be 100 is not just a theoretical book. When you read it, you will find that the author offers 100 specific things you can do (or avoid) if you wish to join those heading to their century mark. Some of these are things that you probably have read elsewhere but others appear unique.

The 4 big categories for DARE are Diet, Attitude,Renewal and Exercise. Each category offers 15 - 34 specific suggestions. Readers may be surprised to find that ATTITUDE has the greatest number of suggestions. But this reflects recent research. Doctor Bortz is well aware that researches have tagged this as important. Dispositional Optimism is a very an important determinant of who lives a long life - despite economics and underlying health issues. See: Dare to be 100: Dispositional Optimism for more information.

If you are looking for an upbeat book, one with practical advice, based on sound research and written in an upbeat style, I can only recommend reading:

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