90 Second Fitness Solution

90Second Fitness Solution -  Fitness & Weight Loss by Pete Cerqua offers a program that anyone can do. It is simple, short (90 seconds) and he says it works!

I read this book back in 2010 and promptly got 'hooked'. Who wouldn't like to get fit using just two 'positions' and holding each for 90 seconds?  I found it easy and still use  the position for lower body today. It is so simple, so fast and it does provide a complete workout of the muscles involved.  Get a copy of his book.   Try Cerqua's program for a week and you too may find a fast, easy solution to being fit - no matter what your age.

Who is Peter Cerqua?

Pete Cerqua is a physical trainer with a fitness studio in New York City. After years of researching all the workout programs for fitness, he discovered that one particular kind of strength training offered the best results AND that doing two particular exercises for 90 second each (five days a week) resulted in full bodily fitness.

Amazing? Yes, but Cerqua has the proof in the many persons he has helped. (Read his book 90second Fitness Solution ans I think you will be convinced..)

My own experience with 90second fitness solution

After I read Pete's book I tried the two recommended exercises.  In just a week I was saying, " Wow!"   I found muscles relaxing that had not relaxed in ages. My energy energy improved  by the second day! And I actually looked forward to doing these two exercises. 

But for me, the 'proof' of any program is whether I stick with it. I have started more exercises programs than days in a week. But I tail off on them after just a month or tow.  But here is is 4 years later and I am still doing this exercises.  90 seconds! Who'd be without it. I ever do the wall sit waiting for my clothes to dry.

Now Pete includes scientific studies in his book that show his method does work. (That is oe thing that attracted me to the book. Science counts for me.) If you are concerned about your weight, Pete also offers a very simple approach to eating that his clients say 'melts off pounds'. But that was not the main point for me.

As I aged I had developed some flab. And I, like most persons over 60, I want to stay independent.

One of the most important effects of Pete's program is that it can prevent fragility. Fragility,or weakness of muscles, is the bane of those over 60.It is fragility that  interferes with daily life. Half the people in nursing homes or assisted care facilities are there because of fragility.

When arms or legs have become too do all the necessary activities of daily life, that is a problem. We may need a cane, a walker or wheel chair but more importantly we need someone else to cook, clean and give help with ordinary daily activities like taking a shower.

And I know the research! Scientific studies show that people loses about 1% of muscle strength every year after age 35. By age 45 that is 10% of strength. 10% is not too noticeable. But by the time we are 65 we will have lost 30% of our strength. That  means it is harder to get out of a car, carry a bag of heavy groceries and do ALL activities of daily living. It can also mean that we do not have the strength (or balance because we lose balance at the same rate) to keep ourselves from falling when we trip or stumble.

The 90second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua can show you how to prevent and even reverse age related fragility. The book is well worth the low price.  Take a look at the book and its reviews at Amazon. Just click:

The 90-Second Fitness Solution: The Most Time-Efficient Workout Ever for a Healthier, Stronger, Younger You